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Local and Online Data Protection

Cloud Attached Storage combines a local storage appliance with cloud storage services, ideal for the data protection needs of your small or medium business.

  • Multi-level data protection - local and remote
  • Ultra fast initial backup
  • LAN-speed restore

Network Storage and File Sharing

Our appliances are full featured NAS devices, including file sharing, volume snapshots, RAID arrays, FTP server and more.

Automated, Transparent and Fast Online Backup

Configure online backup to run at off-hours, and determine how much of your bandwidth to allocate. Our backup protocol uses advanced compression and de-duplication techniques to ensure the most efficient use of bandwidth.

Restore your files Anywhere, Anytime

Access your online backups using a Web browser, and restore individual files or entire sets either directly to the Cloud Attached Storage appliance, or to any computer.

No Software Installation Required

The Cloud Attached Storage appliance includes all the required software to connect to cloud storage and backup directly. There's no need to install software agents on each desktop computer in your office. Lightweight managed agents are still included, in case you want to back up remote users or laptops.


Automatic Cloud Backup Automatically backs up your most important files offsite
Clientless Local Backup Automatically discovers and backs up your local PCs, no software installation required
Managed Backup Agents Backs up roaming laptops and remote users
Backup Sets Powerful backup policy allows you to specify exactly what is backed up remotely, and how often
Bandwidth Throttling Set maximum allowed bandwidth for cloud backup
Bandwidth Optimization Block-level data de-duplication and compression
Share Storage Space Share storage space between multiple appliances in your account
Previous Versions Retain multiple previous versions of your files both locally and offsite
High Security Your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption using a secret key known only to you
On Demand Restore Recover individual lost files or entire sets; restore directly to the appliance or to any PC using a Web-based interface


We use extensive security measures to ensure your data is kept safe and private.

  • Redundancy: In our cloud datacenters your data is mirrored multiple times for redundancy.

  • Encryption: Your data is protected from unauthorized access as soon as it leaves your local network: We use the same AES-256 encryption used by major banks, with a secret key known only to you.

  • Physical Security: The cloud infrastructure we use is hosted in state-of-the-art datacenters that are guarded 24x7 and only allow access to authorized personnel.

  • SAS-70 Type II Certification: The Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) type II audit certifies that a service organization has had an in-depth audit of its controls. We only store your data in datacenters that have passed SAS-70 Type II Certification.


Attached Storage™
Online Backup
Tape Backup
Fully Automated Yes Yes No
Web based remote restore Yes Yes No
High grade encryption Yes Yes No
Hybrid Local + Offsite Backup Yes No No
Zero impact on PC performance Yes No No
Continue backup while PC is off Yes No No
Agentless Operation Yes No No
Coming Soon


faq Where is my data stored?
  Your files are stored locally on the hard drive attached to the appliance (C200 or CloudPlug), then backed up to our secure, redundant cloud storage datacenter.
faq Will I need to install anything on my computer to use the backup service?
  No, the backup runs directly from the appliance and there’s no need to install anything on desktop PCs. For roaming laptops and remote workers, you still have the option to install a lightweight software agent.
faq Why should I use an appliance? Why not back up from my PC?

A single appliance backs up your entire network, removing the need for installing software on each PC in your network. Having a local appliance means LAN-speed local backup, and LAN-speed restore.

Since backup is performed directly from the appliance, it does not slow down your PCs, so you can continue to work as it happen. In addition to agentless backup, we also offer a lightweight, managed software agent, which you can optionally use if you wish to back up remote workers or roaming laptops.
faq Do I have to backup all my data to the cloud?
  No. You may choose to backup terabytes of data locally, yet backup just gigabytes of your most critical data online. How much data you back up online is entirely up to you.
faq Is there any limit to the file type or file size that I can back up?
  No, all file types and file sizes are supported.

Cloud Attached Storage

Local and Online Data Protection
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Cloud Attached Storage combines a local storage appliance with cloud storage services, ideal for the data protection needs of your small or medium business.

  • Multi-level data protection - local and remote
  • Ultra fast initial backup time
  • Restore lost files at local network speeds
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